Shape: Custom-made
Grade: SmCo5, Sm2Co17
Coating: Without
Size: According to customer's requirements
Characteristics:Good coercivity, Good temperature stability, Corrosion protection, rust prevention and high temperature resistance
Selling point:
High uniformity, super thermo-stability & excellent corrosion resistance
Manufacturer: Ningbo Zhaobao Magnet Co., Ltd.
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SmCo in Various Specifications

SmCo is a kind of rare earth permanent magnet, whose magnetic strength is second only to NdFeB magnet. It has high coercivity (Hcj), high temperature resistance and good corrosion resistance. Samarium cobalt is more suitable for working in high-temperature environment. Samarium Cobalt magnet (SmCo) has two component ratios, SmCo5 and Sm2Co17.


We can provide our customers with customized samarium cobalt products and related solutions, which are highly resistant to corrosion without coating.

Customized Shapes: Block, Cylinder/Disc, Ring/Tube, Segment/Tile/Arc/Sector, Special Shapes

Because of high temperature resistance and good corrosion resistance, SmCo is used in electroacoustic devices, motors, measuring instruments, microwave devices, machinery, sensor, etc.

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