Shape: Block with Coating
Grade: LNG18, LNG34, LNG37, LNGT34, LNGT40
Coating: Paint
Size: According to customer's requirements
Marking: Red "N" ; Black "S"
Characteristics:High Remanence (up to 1.35t) and Low Temperature Coefficient.
Application: Education
Manufacturer: Ningbo Zhaobao Magnet Co., Ltd.
Education Block AlNiCo

AlNiCo magnet is ferroalloy with three main components, aluminum (Al), nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co). It has high Curie temperature, generally is made by casting or sintering process. It has good corrosion resistance and better physical properties than ferrite. In the permanent magnet material, the cast AlNiCo permanent magnet has the minimum reversible temperature coefficient and the working temperature can be as high as 600℃ or above.


We can provide our customers with customized Aluminum, Nickel and Cobalt products, which are highly resistant to corrosion without coating.

Customized Shapes: Block, Cylinder/Disc, Ring/Tube, Segment/Tile/Arc/Sector, Special Shapes

It is mainly used in instrument and apparatus, motors, electroacoustic device, magnetic machinery, etc.